Cracked comic book cases are an inconvenience and added expense to the comic collector and seller. All cases should be reholdered when damaged. Whether the value of your comic book is $10 or $10,000, you must invest the money for the reholder service and the turnaround time can be a few weeks. In addition are costs for packaging and shipping. You must determine the level of protection for your comic books. Without the correct materials and insurance, there is a possibility of loss or damage while in transit. Not only should you consider the added expenses, but not repairing these cases can give the comic book an overall unattractive appearance.

Buyers become apprehensive when purchasing a comic book with a cracked case. They may assume that it has been tampered with which can be a potential risk and in return be a poor investment. Consequently, the seller may lose the sale.

A shattered slabbed comic has proven to be a nuisance to buyers and sellers. Slab-Pro protects your case while giving your comic a distinctive look.